»Atmosphere Gallery«


Fascinated by the eye’s physiology and light – which is a primordial element confined in the world revealing the surface and dimensions of space – Macarena Ruiz-Tagle works with the dualities of light, shadow and color contrasts, transparencies together with translucent materials like plexiglas, theater and photographic filters, electric lamps, glass, pigments, paper and fabric. Instead of representing texture, space and light, her work exposes these phenomena directly for the body to experience.

In her recent work she is concerned with the problem of depth between two and three dimensional situations of density within pigment particles. The “Atmosphere Gallery” proposes an experience for the eye regarding spatial and color perception. The works presented are tools for the body to physically engage and discover the gaps between what is culturally learned about color and what remains as a unique optical experience.


26 Oktober 19 Uhr

27. Oktober – 7.November
Dienstags – Freitags  17 – 20 Uhr
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