»Gedankengebäude – Construct of Thought (Cutout)«

Algorithmic drawings by Peter Kühling.

In his new works the artist-architect dives deeper into the art of programming than ever before.
He explores spaces constructed only by manipulating certain algorithms.

To see one of his scripts in action check out this 7 min video on youtube.
(Best choice is 1080p HD)


While growing the white line produces some kind of intricate spatial order out of what seems to be total chaos at first it is constantly looking for self-proximity while maintaining a certain degree of freedom at the same time.

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Hoping to see you all on sunday!


SUNDAY september 14th, 12:00 am–6:00 pm

opening hours during berlin art week:
monday–sunday: 12:00 am–6:00 pm

finissage: sunday September 21th, 6:00 pm


art – architecture – public space

facebook: SUNDAY SHOPPING sept 14th