I Create My Own Chaos

I  try to turn chaos into something beautiful. Chaos is unexpected, surprisingly disorderly and sometimes confusing.
I take my memories of my country’s natural landscape to depict the bright shapes of chaos.  The overlapping figures express flashes of the experiences acquired throughout life.  Some that need to be hidden. And some that must be unveiled or force themselves onto the canvas at random.

Martha Derizans da Costa Mendes

Martha is a passionate for colours.  Most of her work is inspired by Brazilian culture, traditions and architecture.  Her paintings try to reach a balance between geometric and organic, unveiling small details of her culture.  The use of the colour pallet is a main characteristic of her work.
Martha was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she studied Engineering. Nowadays she lives in Berlin where she moved to three years ago.


Opening: 17.10. 2015   19:00 pm

Exhibition   17. – 25.10. 2015
Monday – Friday   15:00 – 20:00 pm
Saturday + Sunday  14:00 – 19:00 pm

more on www.marthamendes.com