Patrik Aarnivaara bei plattform d

Sonderprogramm im Rahmen der Ausstellung:FormFormatFormationThe exhibition Patrik Aarnivaara 2002-2007: FormFormatFormation is a collaboration between the Swedish artist Patrik Aarnivaara, the curators Nadine Helm and Friederike Schäfer, Kleine Humboldt-Galerie, and erstererster. It introduces a selection of works by Aarnivaara produced during the last five years and concentrates on formal issues that result from his application of several media-formats, ranging from Aarnivaaras early photographs to the 2007 installation Formation. The impact of these formal processes and modifications on the content and utterly intrinsic quality of the art works – not only in terms of politics, globalization, society, and mass-culture criticism, but also in terms of the individual medium as a self-reflective agent of art – shall be discussed on Plattform D. This public lecture night takes place as a talk between the artist and the curators. Together they guide the visitors through the exhibition and thus give a comprehensive insight into the single art works, their making, and qualities with regard to form and content. The visitors are being invited to engage in the discussion.